Anyone going on a stag weekend wants to choose the best location possible. One of the most popular stag locations recently is Krakow. So just why is Krakow so popular. Firstly there are cheap flights to Krakow from England with a quick flight time of two and a half hours. There are also loads of different activities available at cheap prices. Krakow is also a delightful location with loads for for stag dos. It is a compact city too which means it’s easy to walk to the different locations making it also a popular destination for tourists. The prices of drinks is also a major selling point, with the cost of beer being around 1,50 EUR. Spend stag do Krakow with Party Krakow!Some of the most popular stag activities in Krakow are go-karting, shooting, paintball, bubble football and white water rafting. And of course Krakow’s nightlife is one of the best in Europe, with it having more pubs per square metre than any other place. Krakow is also a student city, with the large amount of students ensuring that the evenings in the city are never quiet and there is always a party going on somewhere. The local establishments are also very welcoming to stag parties making it an very stag friendly location. For those looking for a more somber activity it must be noted that Krakow is not far from the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp which is a must see when staying in the area. There is also Wawel castle and Wieliczka salt mines for visitors hoping to do something cultural during their stay.There are a number of stag do packages available which include everything from transfers to accommodation and activities making it easy to book your stag do krakow.

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